Week in Pictures

Here is another Week in Pictures post! Not all of these photos are from the past week however, as I have added a few random ones I had on my camera roll, and I have also sneakily inserted a few from my Instagram! But I'm sure that's okay. I recently made an Instagram account specifically for this blog so I can share more beauty and general 'blogger-ish' photos, and hopefully connect with more bloggers through it. You can find me on Instagram @hafsahsjournal
This was the aftermath of doing some finger painting, now before I go on you're probably wondering why was a 20 year old doing finger painting? Well my sister was painting for her university work and I thought it would be fun to have a go so I was given a paintbrush, a sketchbook and was allowed to go crazy with all the colours. I'm not a very artistic person so my painting was awful, so obviously the next best thing is to see how much paint you can get on your hands. I did end up wasting a lot of her paints, especially the yellow, and whilst washing it off all the colours mixed and it just looked so good so we had to get a picture! Yes that's a lot of paint on my hands and I must admit I was really worried that my skin was going to break out in spots but apparently acrylic paint is not damaging to the skin, and it washed off really easily with just water. 
I'm in the third year of my History degree which is when that dreaded thing comes up, the DISSERTATION. And yes it really does need to be in capital letters because it's all up in my face most of the time. For my research I have been looking at Victorian newspapers, specifically women's columns. The newspapers I need are only available on film so I have to use this machine, which is a microfilm reader. I'm not going to lie, I laughed when I first saw the microfilm reader when I went to the archives, because it's huge and it looks so old. It felt a bit weird that I had to use this giant machine and manually feed the tape in to set it up, when I'd previously been using on line archives on a normal computer that you'd expect in 2014. Using a microfilm reader is a very slow process, it took me hours just to scroll through all the pages from January 1893 of just one newspaper. 
This was the nicest spinach and ricotta cannelloni ever! I recently tried some from Sainsburys and it was so good, and whilst my sister and I were eating it she said she could make some that was even tastier herself, so of course I challenged her and this is what she made! It was really easy to make (I watched), and she's going to teach me how to make some soon, so there might be a new recipe post!
This was the best doughnut ever, and it was a special Halloween one!
How cute are these? I really do go crazy in Sainsburys. 

Hope you enjoyed the post! 


Kale Salad | Healthy Eating

Pinning pictures of healthy green salads on Pinterest is usually as far as my healthy eating goes, I never actually make any of those recipes because they have too many ingredients that I just don't have in my kitchen. However, since I have been back at university I have been trying to eat a lot healthier by incorporating more vegetables in my diet and cutting down the chocolate and pizza. It's a common misconception that all university students live on pasta and take out's (which might have been true for my first year, especially the pasta bit) but most of the students I know now are health conscious and can actually cook. There is a crazy amount of fruit and vegetables in the fridge right now, which I share with three other people!
So even though I love pinning healthy food images, they don't inspire me to the extent that I would go out and buy the ingredients etc. I was scrolling through YouTube and I came across a video by Ingrid/Missglamorazzi called Quick & Healthy Breakfast + Lunch Ideas, and she made an amazing kale salad and it looked super tasty and I already had most of the ingredients so I had to try it! I didn't use all of the ingredients from her recipe and added a few of my own but I've linked her video so you can have a look yourself.

What you will need: 
Half a bag of Kale finely chopped
Lemon Vinaigrette (1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 3 tablespoons of olive oil)
Half of a red onion finely chopped
1 cup of giant couscous
A handful of pine nuts 
Dried cheese/Fresh parmesan 
1 cup of kidney beans 
Salt to taste 

Wash the kale, chop finely then add to a bowl with the chopped red onions. Add the lemon vinaigrette and massage in. 

Bring the giant couscous to boil then simmer for around seven minutes. Leave to cool. 

Toast the pine nuts until a nice golden brown. 

Add cheese and kidney beans.

And voilĂ ! 

This salad can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days and is great on its own as well as with chicken or fish. These images are from the first time I made this salad, but since then I have made it again with a few changes. For example, I chopped the kale and onions finer, didn't add cheese or kidney beans and doubled the amount of couscous. 
Hope you enjoyed this recipe, and let me know if you try it! 


Out and About | Bolton Abbey


I recently visited Bolton Abbey which is in the Yorkshire Dales. On the way there we drove through small towns such as Ilkley, where I spotted so many colourful bikes which were still up from when the Tour de France went through Yorkshire. The little towns looked really cute with colourful bunting and quirky bikes and I would love to go again and explore by foot. Bolton Abbey itself is the ruins of a monastery, and it was great to walk through what is left of the building and take in the scenery. 


Haul | Back to University

I am moving back up to university soon so I've been on the lookout for new items for my room, kitchen and bathroom. I have only bought a few items because I'm going into my final year therefore I have collected lots of home-ware over the past two years and have all the general items you would find on the 'take to university check list'. But I think it's important to go into each year with some new additions as it changes up the interior of your room, especially if you're staying in the same accommodation like myself. 
I love bright colourful things, as you may gather from this haul. I  naturally gravitate towards bright things but also as I'm away from home it's nice to have colourful things to make the environment more welcoming and homely. It's mostly very grey and constantly raining for most of the university year, especially up North, so a pop of colour always lifts my mood. 

Here are the details and there are a few click-able links: 

Trio of cannisters from Asda Living £1.50 (sale)  - I am in love with these cannisters and they were such a bargain as they were five pounds originally! 

easy comfort food cookbook - This is not actually a new purchase as I found it in my kitchen, but I'm taking this along with me for when I want to make some hearty food. Also I find it easier to follow recipes from cookbooks rather than the internet. I'm trying to eat a lot healthier and hope to carry that on whilst at university but this book will come in handy when I need some of that comfort food. 

Yellow speckled mug from Wilkinsons £2 - It's massive so will be great for soups.

Happiness mug from Wilkinsons £2 

Accessory Hanger from Primark £1. 50 (sale) -
It's looking a big dusty at the moment and I think that's why it was on sale, but once I've cleaned it up I'm using it to hang necklaces and bracelets. 

Incense sticks in Vanilla, Frankincense and Rain from Evolution £1 each 

Leaf  incense holder from Evolution £2 

Pencil case from WHSmith £3.99 

Shower curtain from Asda Living £5 

What's your favourite item from this haul? And what are your favourite home-ware stores? 


Hafsah's Journal | Blog Name Change

I have changed my blog name! I have been wanting to change the name for a very long time, probably since the beginning of this year because the name 'ispyGlitter' didn't really reflect me anymore. I started this blog in August 2011 and it took me days to come up with the name but three years on I just didn't feel comfortable blogging under that blog name. I'm about to go into the third year of my degree so this was the best time to change my blog name, as I'm hoping to blog a lot more whilst at university to share my final year experience. So welcome to 'Hafsah's Journal'. 

p.s. Shout-out to Rinica for this very informative post on how to change your blog name:



Week in Pictures | 09.08.14 - 16.08.14


It feels a bit weird doing a 'Week in Pictures' post many weeks after the pictures were taken but I really want to share these photos so why not, I'm sure no one minds too much. 
I attended a friend's wedding in this week, hence the mendhi/henna and fancy clothes, which I was very excited to wear. I've not had mendhi on my hands in a very long time so I was happy that my sister offered to do my henna as I'm not very skilled in this area. 


Whilst organising my skincare I found this little gem I had purchased from Lush months ago, it's the Angels Delight soap which is actually from Lush's Christmas collection so I might have even bought it last year! It smells so fruity and was a lovely soap to use throughout August as it screams summer. 

A half-face selfie, how original I hear you say. Haha. I've been obssessed with my highlight from my Sleek Contour Kit, which I have in the shade medium. I use it everyday (in moderation) but this week I was loving the super glowy and tanned look so here I was wearing the highlight from the Sleek Kit and Soap&Glory's Peach Party, which has a gorgeous mixture of shimmery bronzes and peach blushes. 


Week in Pictures | 30.07.14 - 06.08.14


Week 30.07.14 - 06.08.14

This was an especially nice week. I met with old friends from school, some of which I hadn't seen in two years, shopped for another friend's wedding present (exciting!), had lots of family time, and enjoyed rediscovering some of the scenic spots in my home town.