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As I have said before many times, I love Topshop make-up, first of all due to the brilliant quality especially their lipsticks, and secondly the amazing sale prices and yes you guessed right I got these two lipsticks for £1 each! I recently did a post on eye-crayons I bought from the Topshop sale for a pound each also, so I'd definitely recommend popping into a store on a regular basis to keep an eye on those bargains, before someone like me comes and takes them all! And the little cherry on top is that if you're a student you will always get a further 10% discount on sale items yay. Does anybody know of any other shops that also give student discount on sale prices? 

These are both bright funky colours which I like to wear with minimal make-up so the lips really pop. These are super creamy and moisturising, with a sheen finish which you can see in the pictures.
After a while the sheen wears off, so they become almost like lip stains which is great because my lips still feel natural and there's no smudging either because they 'sit' in your lips. I wore the purple lipstick for 8 hours today and only needed to reapply once which was after about 5 hours, and I even had lunch and it stayed on! I usually steer towards matte lipsticks but wearing a sheen finish just adds that extra glow to the face and keeps it fresh.  


Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer | Review

There is only one beauty rule I live by which is: check for reviews before buying anything! This is super important because you can't return something after using it, and there's no point in giving it to your sister or friend if it's rubbish, so really it's just a waste of money. Sometimes the first time I hear about a make-up item is through a review on a blog or Youtube so if I see it in Boots I know it's a 'safe' product, or just before popping into town I'll quickly google something I've had my eye on to double check if I really want it. If you see a lipstick you want to buy, it can easily be tested on the back of your hand and if you like the colour then there's no way you're walking out of the shop without it. But, with something like an eye shadow primer, it's very important to do background research, which I am now saying with experience. 
I've been wearing eye shadow a lot more recently, I think winter time is always the time to experiment with eye shadows as it's the festive season, and it's easier to wear more make-up because it won't melt off or make you feel really uncomfortable. I wanted to try a high street primer as I don't wear eye shadow enough for me to justify spending on an Urban Decay one or any other dearer brand so the obvious choice was Rimmel. Rimmel is my go-to brand in the high street, the quality and prices are really good, however, this primer has really let me down. 
I feel like this primer did absolutely nothing when I used it, in fact it made my eye lids very oily which caused all the eye make-up to slide off about two hours after I applied it. What were you thinking Rimmel?! It has a doe foot applicator, and the primer is white and dries clear on the lids. Obviously this is the only eye primer I've used so I'm not an expert, however, the fact that it made my eye shadow slide off and gave me oily eyelids (I don't have oily eyelids! haha) was enough to tell me that this is not a good product. Have you tried this? And have you got any recommendations for good high street primers?