Friday Fitness | The Weighted Hula Hoop

I never thought I would be advising people about fitness and exercise but this is happening! But I'm not sure if this counts as an 'official exercise' post because a weighted hula hoop is so much fun with a side bonus of giving you a workout and I couldn't say the same thing about other exercises I have tried which have left me unable to move for days. 
The hoop is made out of metal, which gives it the weight, and is covered in a soft padding to make it easier to hold and to stop it hurting your body. Your body can feel sore after the first couple of times you use the hoop, so I would recommend using it every other day until your body gets used to it, otherwise it will be super uncomfortable and you'll probably have a lot of bruises to show that! I never actually hula-hooped as a child because I could never keep the hoop up, gravity would take over and it would always fall to the ground. However, this is obviously an adult sized hoop so it's really easy to keep up and I can easily hula hoop for ten minutes without dropping it. So the bigger the hoop, the easier it is to keep up, and a little rule to determine whether it is big enough is that it should come up to your stomach as a minimum.
Hula-hooping directly tones the stomach and waist area but works the whole body as you are using your arms and legs whilst twisting it around, and it burns lots of calories. There's lots of videos on Youtube showing different styles of workouts but this is probably the most simplest and easiest exercise equipment to use.
This is ideal for people who find it difficult to make time to exercise, as you can do this whilst on the phone or watching the television, and best of all it's something you can do in your own home or garden. Here is the link to the hoop. What do you think of the weighted hula hoop?