Beauty on a Budget

Removing all traces of makeup at night is one of the best things you could do for your skin, if you wear makeup. So this year, I have decided to be serious about skincare as I never take my makeup off. I have the Revlon Colorstay foundation that claims to stay on for 24 hours, and yes, those claims are true! Going to sleep with a full face of makeup is damaging for your skin, and also can be a nightmare to remove in the morning if you are running late!
I saw these wipes near the tills in Primark, and I thought I would try them out because they were super cheap and I needed to start my skincare routine before I lost all interest in it. So are they any good? I think so! They effortlessly remove all my makeup, even my 24 hour foundation and mascara. The only downside is the smell, which is always a problem with cheap products. So I like to quickly rinse my face after using the wipes just to ensure my skin is cleansed properly.


My 'go to' nail polish

For years I was addicted to painting my nails and it was rare that you would ever see them bare. I used to wear crazy colours like yellow, blue, green and neon pink, and I would wear them ALL together! But thankfully I have been shown the light and I never wear more than 2 colours on my nails at the same time, when I do wear nail polish. My problem has always been my indecisiveness, I can never choose one colour and stick with it. So my solution was just to stop wearing it, which is a bit weird. Now I rarely wear it but if I do then my go to colour is Barry M's Coral. This is definitely a more red coral as opposed to a pinky coral and can look orange in some lights which I like. 

What's your favourite nail polish?