Face Brush Review

I recently picked up this face brush from the Body Shop as I felt I have a lot of dead peeling skin on my face, which was hindering the application of smooth make up and giving an overall dry dull complexion.

Face Brush from Body Shop  £3

I have been using it every other day, as part of my normal washing routine in the morning. It is also good to use at night after the removal of all makeup, just to ensure super clean skin. It can be used with any facial wash, cleanser or exfoliator; just wet the brush, apply the product of your choice and brush over your face in circular motions. This helps blood circulation and gets rid of any dead skin leaving it glowing and polished. It comes with a lid keeping it dust and bacteria free.
Since using it I can definitely see an improvement in my skin tone; it feels squeaky clean and super smooth. 

A great buy - I definitely recommend using a face brush.



Summer in a bag!!!!


Words cannot describe how much I want need this bag.


Nail Art!!

Here are some recent pictures of nail designs done by my sister. These designs can be achieved using regular  nail polishes, fine craft glitter, a Models Own nail art pen and a shiny top coat!

Chanel inspired

Red Leopard

Feathers and chevron

I am not blessed with steady enough hands to get this creative on my nails, so I just stick with regular coloured nails, and occasionally opt for coloured tips using the sellotape trick.