17 Blusher - Plum Puff

I rarely wear blusher and this is probably the second blusher I have purchased in the last 5 years. I use other cheek products such as bronzers and highlighters but I've never really needed blusher. Recently I've been wearing dark lip colours which can look very harsh if there is no other colour on the face, especially in the day, and I don't want to be rocking the vampy look everyday. So I've been on the lookout for a darkish blusher to match my lips but also add some warmth and colour. I wanted something quite cheap as it would only be for occasional wear and just to try out, I'd splash out on a better quality brand if I knew I was definitely going to use the blusher.

I settled for this 17 blusher in Plum Puff which was £3.49. I know the picture isn't very clear but it is a muted plum-pink colour with a hint of shimmer. Compared to the other 17 blushers I tried in Boots, Plum Puff is the least shimmery, but for me the shine is too much. It looks darker in the packaging than it looks on my skin, so I was slightly disappointed however it does compliment my skin colour. It is also nicely pigmented. 


MUA Trio Eyeshadow

This is a great trio of eyeshadows from the brand MUA which is known for its affordability and surprisingly good eyeshadows. This trio is called Innocence which is a nice name but I don't see how it matches the eyeshadows, they should have an astronomical name as they are quite planet-y. 

Anyway the trio is super cheap at £2.50 and is great quality for that small price. The dark shade is my favourite; it's a dark brown with a hint of green. The middle one is a shiny moon colour which I use for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners of the eye. The gold shade is perfect for the festive season and adds glamour in an instance. They are all highly pigmented and I would definitely recommend this trio. 


The Permissive 60s

The swinging sixties... I'm pretty sure the same images pop up into people's minds when someone mentions the sixties. It's probably the best known decade of the last 100 years due to it's influence on present society.

The 60s are best known for the music - big groups like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles emerged resulting in huge crowds of screaming girls and boys with Mick Jagger haircuts. They were very influential on the youth. However, certain aspects of their music and lifestyle was definitely not a positive influence on the youth and yes, I am talking about the many references to drugs in their songs. The subtle references to drugs were not so subtle as the BBC banned certain songs from a Beatles album due to the inappropriate lyrics. I can't imagine what the state of the music industry would be today if radio and television stations were so nit-picky about lyrics; literally all songs would be banned!

Fashion took a new turn too with the popularization of the miniskirt by Mary Quant, and the influence of the space age on clothing which represented the idea of freedom and having no limits. The miniskirt is an outcome of this permissive society and it was much more than a fashion statement. It was a symbol of moving away from the conservative post-war society. Before the miniskirt it was rare to see a woman showing lots of skin in public so this was a new form of liberalism and showed that social norms were being relaxed. 


Emmys 2012

I'm not a big fan of award ceremonies but I like to know what everyone wore to them. After looking at pictures from the Emmys no ones outfit choice majorly caught my eye or made me think 'Wow, I would so wear that!'. But I do have 2 favourites and they were....Heidi Klum and Lucy Liu!!

Heidi Klum wore this gorgeous soft blue Grecian style dress by Alexandre Vauthier. She really stood out for me because it's elegant and age appropriate. I'm glad her stylist used blue and silver accessories because I think most people have seen enough celebrities trying to look really different by adding random bright coloured accessories or hair extensions. In fact they all end up looking the same! Obviously lets not forget those thigh high splits which could have been disastrous if she did the Angeline Jolie pose but thankfully she did not!


Summer scents!

The weather has been amazing this weekend so I've been using my summery products a bit more to celebrate that summer has returned! Woohoo!! I use fruity and generally nice smelling products all year round, but I like to use them more in summer, and weirdly when it's really cold, so I am reminded of the good sunny times lol. 
The key to smelling amazing is layering. My everyday body wash is the Soap and Glory Clean on Me clarifying body wash, and it is heavenly using it in the shower and best of all the smell lasts all day! All the other products I 'layer' with are featured in this post and they smell YUM!

This body butter smells delicious, I feel like a walking papaya! It's so tropical and is my favourite out of all the Body Shop body butters. I bought it in the half price sale so it was £6 but I'd happily pay the full amount because it's a gorgeous product. It also really enhances the smell of my body wash. 


Sun protection cream is extremely important and I sometimes burn so I make sure I use SPF 15 on all sunny days. This is the best sun cream I have ever used, it's the Hawaiian Tropic Silk hydration cream, and it has moisturising ribbons. It sinks into your skin and is not greasy at all. And it smells amaaazing, really coconuty and tropical. 

These body splashes are from H&M and they were £2.99 each. The pinky one is passionflower and frangipani, the orange is tangerine, and they are both shimmery!! I normally use the Natural Collection Body sprays but they don't have any light girly scents. They have the wild strawberry one but it can be slightly overpowering at times. Anyway, these are so refreshing and perfect to spritz on any time of the day or night. When I first sprayed them on my skin it was a bit sticky and it took about a minute to dry and I think that's because they have castor oil in them. 

The name of this hand cream just says it all; Tropical Blooms nourishing hand cream. It's a really floral smelling cream and really moisturising and again it's not greasy at all, which is always good because no one like sweaty palms and especially not in the heat. 

I also got this from H&M, and I have to say they have started to do really nice body products; I feel like buying the whole section because their packaging is so funky and eye-catching. This is a pen sized mini perfume and it was £1.50 and it's just so cute! Again it smells divine, I want to eat myself whenever I wear it  lol and it's great to throw in your bag if you're on the go. And you can't get more exotic than guava so it is a great buy. I have only used this once since I have bought it and that's only because I don't want it to finish :( I haven't taken it out with me because I cannot control myself when it comes to gorgeous smells and I would probably use this up in a matter of hours lol. 

What are your favourite scented products?



First Aid Beauty Products Review

First Aid Beauty is not a very well known brand and I think if people do come across it, they are put-off automatically because it says it's for sensitive skin. I always find myself staying away from products specifically for sensitive skin because I feel they won't do anything for my skin. However, these products are suitable for all skin types in my opinion; from sensitive to oily to very dry. I normally don't buy lots of things from an expensive brand that I've not tried before, however, I bought these with my sister so it was worth it. These products do not contain any harsh chemicals or alcohol and when using them I really felt that I was doing something good to my skin for once! FAB products can be purchased from Boots. 

£13 & £8

The face cleanser is suitable for everyday use and I absolutely love it! It rejuvenates and deep cleanses your skin without drying up your face or feeling harsh. It's a pro at removing makeup and it made a huge difference to the feel and look of my skin after the first use.

The ultra repair cream is brilliant to use after the cleanser. It's super moisturising and a little goes a long way. It gets rid of dry patches really well without leaving your skin feeling heavy and greasy. I have combination to oily skin and the cream was perfect for me.



Adjusting Maxi Dress Length

This is the easiest method of shortening the length of dresses that are too long without having to cut and sew. It's hard to find plain jersey maxis in petite sizes. Topshop does some but they are mega expensive. Using a belt to shorten the length is temporary and by using different styles of belts, different looks can be achieved. 

Pull the dress to the preferred length, hold it in place and tie a belt around your waist. The excess material should be above the belt. Here I am using a plaited jersey belt which keeps the look casual and also very comfortable. 


Graduate Fashion Week 2012

So last Wednesday I went to Graduate Fashion Week in London!! (yeah boii)  It was a huge exhibition of fashion graduate's work from different universities, showing the best of the best. I took too many pictures to include in one post so here are just a few of my favourites showing what the exhibiton was all about. :)

Who doesn't love a goody bag? I might review some of the items I got if they're any good.



Eyeliner Trends for Spring/Summer 2012

Black eyeliner was a recurring theme on the Spring/Summer catwalks from designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Iceberg, Kanye West and Jonathan Saunders, and was worn by many at this years Cannes Film Festival.
There’s a style to suit everyone, whether you want to make a statement or simply add a little definition. Styles seen recently include; smoky, smudged, graphic winged or feline flicks all teamed with a pale nude lip.

Cannes 2012 - Cheryl Cole and Natasha Poly   

Emilio Pucci and Holly Fulton

The Blonds and Jonathan Saunders

Dolce & Gabbana and Kanye West 

What's your favourite?



Face Brush Review

I recently picked up this face brush from the Body Shop as I felt I have a lot of dead peeling skin on my face, which was hindering the application of smooth make up and giving an overall dry dull complexion.

Face Brush from Body Shop  £3

I have been using it every other day, as part of my normal washing routine in the morning. It is also good to use at night after the removal of all makeup, just to ensure super clean skin. It can be used with any facial wash, cleanser or exfoliator; just wet the brush, apply the product of your choice and brush over your face in circular motions. This helps blood circulation and gets rid of any dead skin leaving it glowing and polished. It comes with a lid keeping it dust and bacteria free.
Since using it I can definitely see an improvement in my skin tone; it feels squeaky clean and super smooth. 

A great buy - I definitely recommend using a face brush.



Summer in a bag!!!!


Words cannot describe how much I want need this bag.


Nail Art!!

Here are some recent pictures of nail designs done by my sister. These designs can be achieved using regular  nail polishes, fine craft glitter, a Models Own nail art pen and a shiny top coat!

Chanel inspired

Red Leopard

Feathers and chevron

I am not blessed with steady enough hands to get this creative on my nails, so I just stick with regular coloured nails, and occasionally opt for coloured tips using the sellotape trick. 



Charity shop finds

Hey guys,

On a recent venture into the world of charity shops I found some amazing items, I've always been sceptical about the types of clothes in my local charity shop especially after a year of work experience in one, I always walked out smelling of a weird damp musty smell! But i have been officially converted  :)

 Here are the best bits:

This is a lovely long shirt. I love the colour block design and the gold buttons glam it up so it's perfect for a meal or a girly get-together! I'd wear it with black skinny jeans and some chunky heels. And it was only £3.

I love these booties, they are officially amazing!! They're actually Topshop vintage which is the best thing :D and I got them for £3 also. They need a bit of a clean and the suede is damaged in some small areas but I'm not complaining because I adore them! I'd wear them to glam an outfit up but they're quite grungy at the same time due to the worn down material.

I will be shopping in charity shops more often now!